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Jade reflects on her time at Smeaton

When choosing a new job, it’s important to ensure it’s the right company. A company who truly treats their colleagues with the integrity and respect you deserve. That’s why we asked members of our team to share their Smeaton Story with you.

“I was previously a part of the Agency, and now I am part of the Care at Home Team as a homecare Assistant within the Plymouth branch.

I joined the Smeaton Agency team 3 years ago; Smeaton had not long been founded by the Directors then. When the Pandemic hit, I took a small break during covid due to having family members who would be a high risk if they contracted Covid-19.

I then wanted to return to work, however childcare was then an issue for me, when I spoke to the management team, they were very accommodating, they were able to provide me with hours around my children. Because of Smeaton I was able to return to a job I love so much. There are not a lot of companies who are able or willing to do this. They value working mums.

The Management Team are very approachable, I know I can always go to my managers when I have an issue or concern, they always listen and ensure I have the right support moving forward. I love that there is an open and honest culture at Smeaton.

Smeaton offer lots of different training, they offer courses you wouldn’t normally expect to be able to take part in. I always remember going with my colleagues to visit a Funeral Directors that was arranged by my manager, this enabled me to become much more confident with dealing with customers who had passed away. I was able to appreciate the process. I have become a confident Carer, thanks to Smeaton.

I have always felt looked after, specially throughout Covid. Not matter the struggle they always ensured we were able to test and have the correct PPE.

I have almost finished my Level 3 in Health and Social Care, I didn’t think I could do it, but my manager sat down with me and told me I am more than capable and an amazing Carer.

I would honestly recommend anyone to Smeaton Healthcare, if you want to be more than a number and feel valued, come and join our team.”

Jade, Homecare Assistant, Plymouth Branch

If you are interested in a Career with Smeaton Healthcare, please get in touch. You can contact our Recruitment Team on 0330 165 8880.

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