Care at Home

Absolutely! We understand that having someone in your home can be a daunting prospect, that’s why we will gather as much information as we can during your initial assessment to grasp your preferences in staff. In the circumstance that we need to send someone else (due to holiday or other absences), we will discuss this with you to make sure you’re still happy for them to attend.

Our Care at Home packages starts from 30 minutes per day,  several hourly visits throughout the day, up to block bookings of 6 hours or more in the day, depending on your needs. We can even offer overnight care in addition to visits throughout the day.

For live-in care, it’s slightly different. Our carers are required to take a mandatory break time of 14 hours per week. When they take their breaks are agreed in advance with their manager and customer so that it doesn’t impact on the customer’s needs. A live-in carer’s breaks will either be covered by a visiting carer, a family member or not at all – it is always dependent on the customer’s requirements.

That’s not a problem at all. We work closely with Social Services as one of their local preferred care providers and we make all the necessary arrangements with them for your care.

Agency Support

We work with a variety of customers, including (but not limited to) Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Support Living, Domiciliary Care Providers, Learning Disability Units and more. 

We have large (and growing) teams working across the UK. We recruit for various roles and can supply your establishment with HCA’s, RGN’s, RMN’s, SHCA’s and more. 

Absolutely not! We understand that staffing support is a temporary solution which is not always feasible in the long-run. That’s why we work with our customer’s to support them with finding permanent staffing, using our temporary staffing solution during the interim.

All of Smeaton Agency Workers are recruited directly from us. Our Central Recruitment Team are solely responsible for the recruitment and on-boarding of everyone on our team – which means they are all trained to the same, high standard.


No way! You can join Smeaton with no experience – just as long as you share the same values as us and are dedicated to provide OUTSTANDING care and support. Before joining Smeaton, you will be enrolled on our comprehensive induction training, which will give you all the knowledge you will need in your new role. 

Depending on which department you’re working for, you can be paid weekly or monthly. If you’re needing to be paid quickly and more regularly, it may be suitable for you to join our Agency Team, where you will be paid every Friday. This is usually a great option for Students!

As an organisation, we pay competitively. However, it depends on which role you are applying for. For more information on specific pay rates, please visit the jobs section of our website.

That is entirely up to you! We are recruiting for lots of different roles and departments. Depending on the role/department, will depend on how many hours you’re required to work. Our Agency Department work flexibly and therefore are not required to work a certain amount of days per week.